Test Mail Server : Send Email Using Command Prompt

Open Windows Command Prompt using Start -> Command Prompt or via Run -> CMD Telnet to the mail server by typing telnet 25 Once connected, we must initiate the mail sending process queue. We start this with helo The server … Continue reading

Whatsapp Error : this version of Whatsapp became obsolete Jan 13 2018 Redmi / Mi Phones

Issue : When you open Whatsapp it shows following error and application is not accessible in Mi A1 , Mi Max , Mi 4 , Mi 4i , Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4 , Redmi 5A , Redmi Note 3 … Continue reading

425 Failed to establish connection error on listing vsftpd CentOS

You may get this error while connecting your client to FTP server. FTP client getting error 425 Failed to establish connection, while listing directory contents. FTP server gets “connection refused” when establishing Active FTP to FTP client. First of all … Continue reading

Resolved : Get Built in Gallery App for Lenovo K5 Note

K5 Note runs with the PURE UI, which means that it is nearly the same stock android as delivered by google with little modifications. so Google Photos have replaced the traditional inbuilt gallery application. but we generally use to habitual … Continue reading

Resolved : Skype Signature added to Outlook Sent Mail

Recently we come to a problem as follows in which client was getting automatically signature attached in each mail sending from outlook.com (OWA) You may facing the same that Skype signature automatically inserting on all sent messages from Outlook.com Web … Continue reading

WordPress import xml file gives 500 internal error on Godaddy hosting

That is godaddy’s customization of the 500 Internal Server Error message. it’s pretty much guarantee that they automatically killed the import process before it was finished, because they deemed it a “runaway task”, i.e. – it had consumed too much … Continue reading

Wish Michael Schumacher well with #keepfightingmichael

Since Michael Schumacher’s injury in December of 2013, the seven-time world champion has been in a coma and is now under constant care. A recent report from The Daily Mail revealed that Michael Schumacher’s wife, Corinna, has sold their £25million … Continue reading

China’s Xiaomi Now The World’s Third Biggest Smartphone Maker within Asia sale : IDC Report

Over the past three months, more than 327 million new smartphones were shipped out from factories around the world, and young Chinese company Xiaomi has been responsible for more than 5 percent of them. Phones from Xiaomi still haven’t arrived … Continue reading