Solved : Port 80 used by Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 WAMP Server error

When I was newbie to php.. I had faced this issue.. it was like I had installed WAMP server on my laptop it was working fine..
later on I installed SQL server 2008 R2. after installation completd when I restarted my laptop and started wamp server.. I was getting error that Apache went down as port 80 was used by Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0.

as obvious I did google for that.. found few information that why it can be happen.. it is like some service is using my port 80 so that my WAMP cannot be started..

Three solution I got :

1. change your WAMP port and work.

To do so..

  •     Open WAMP installation directory
  •     Locate http.conf file
  •     Edit httpd.conf file
  •     Search for “Port 80”
  •     Change the port number (i.e. like “81” or “8000”)
  •     Restart apache service.

2. Stop SQL service. (This one is very useful and I did the same)

  • Open Services (Type “services.msc” in your run and enter or go through control panel)
  • locate service of ssms
  • stop and service
  • set service to start manually
  • restart your computer if needed.

ssmsservice image

I found SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) was still running after installing SQL Server 2008 R2 as it features a web service even though IIS is not installed. I didn’t want to host anything on my IIS too as I have already seperated computer to work with IIS. so it was SSRS which was responsible to stop wamp server. I stop that service and also set it to start manually so that it wouldn’t start automatically on next reboot.

3. You may be running Wide Web Publishing Service or Microsoft Web Deploy Service as ON. make it off if it’s not required in server and if it is required you need to set wamp port to different one as shown in step 1.

What’s Using Port 80?

Further detective work is necessary if IIS, SSRS and sql server are not using the port 80 or you don’t have installed any of these applications still you are getting the error.

Enter the following on the command line:

netstat -ao

The active TCP addresses and ports will be listed — locate the line with local address “″ and note the PID value.

Now Check that PID value from your Task Manager and check which service/process is using the port 80.

Currently came to know from a visitor that it’s NT Kernel & System is using port 80 in that case let me clarify that NT Kernel & System is an essential service. Stopping it will probably stop Windows in a blue-screeny-like way.

Therefore, enter the following at the command line:

telnet 80

If you’re faced with a blank screen, type “GET” and hit return.
The chances are, you’ll see a line stating that Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 is listening on port 80.

If that is the issue …

  • Open Services from Administrative Tools and Open Services
  • locate “Web Deployment Agent Service”. Also check you are running “Windows Remote Management” or not.
  • Stop the service
  • Set it’s startup type to “Manual” or (for safely playing “Delayed Start” for temporary).

Caution :
The Web Deployment Agent Service is deployed with Web Deployment Framework or WebMatrix or WebPI it can be with service name MsDepSvc

Also check have you installed Web Deploy on the server? Web Deploy registers a handler (/msdeploy.axd) with WMSVC

The quickest way to check was to go on the server itself, and open up “https://:8172/MsDeploy.axd” in Internet Explorer.

Somehow, while installing Web Deploy 3.0 from the Web Platform Installer, the IIS 7 Deployment Handler didn’t get installed, even though the IIS Manager UI Module did then go to services (from services.msc) and stop “Web Deployment Agent Service”.

I hope this will help you if you are facing such issue. Please let me know if this is helpful or any other service is running in your machine creating problem for you. Your comments are really appreciated.

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  1. Raymond Kwadwo Adabor says:

    SQL Server Reporting Services was the one preventing the WAMP from running on my computer.
    It works now.


  2. nasr says:


  3. Justus A. says:

    my wamp server worked after stopping SSRS in services which was using port 80.thanks dia

  4. shaishav bhatt says:

    thank you thank you thank you soo much,,finaaly i got solution by reading dis article

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