MS Word not displaying any Font in Font list

Issue issue

You can see Fonts are still available in Excel but no longer show up in Word. Repairing or Reinstalling word also not working to fetch fonts from system fonts folder.

solution solution

1. You may have installed generic text service

System has attached virtual printer to print document when default printer is not available and it was set as default print.When I set the regular printer as the default then the fonts show up.

So first you go to Control Panel and check printer list in printers. if you have generic text service as default printer. Alter your default printer. Fonts will be shown.

2. corrupted file

You have file located in your Application Data folder.

  1. In XP it’s at : C:Documents and settingsApplication DataMicrosoftTemplates
  2. In Vista + it’s at : C:UsersApplication DataMicrosoftTemplates

It is responsible for word to locate few basic things. it may get corrupted.

To resolve such issue

  • Close All instances of word
  • Locate file in your C: drive
  • Rename the file from to
  • Open new word document. It will create new file 🙂

All fonts will be shown up.

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