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How to install APK file in Android SDK Emulator

adb install command installs the application in emulator. Following are the options available with adb install command adb install [-l] [-r] [-s] – push this package file to the device and install it (‘-l’ means forward-lock the app) (‘-r’ means … Continue reading

Resolved : Google Play Developer gives error com.phonegap package already exist while uploading your first apk file

Are you n00b in android development and uploading your first application?? Yes this error will surely come that com.phonegap package is already exist. To remove this error.. Go to Before uploading your .zip code file, go to settings and … Continue reading

How to Access Internet from Android Emulator using Proxy Server

By default your android application may not have access to use internet. and you can use internet from your machine but not from your emulator make sure you have set the internet permission in your AndroidManifest.xml Another problem can be … Continue reading

Enable Remote Desktop On Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium 32 and 64 bit

By Default Windows 7 Home Basic and Premium versions doesn’t support Remote Desktop. But you can make it work with some tricks.. Click Here to Download termsrv.dll and rdpclip.exe files. now just copy these files to %Windir%\System32 (Here C:\Windows\System32 is … Continue reading

Steps to Call Stored Procedure with Parameters from C# .Net

Many Confusions while calling procedure from your Generally it’s because less practice of using oracle with .Net code. Following is the example. Hope it’ll be useful to you. Procedure : create or replace procedure ProcTest(param1 in varchar, param2 in … Continue reading

Hashbytes in SQL Server returns different value for different data type

If you are using Hashbytes ‘SHA1’ or ‘MD5’ algorithm for your password field make sure you are not changing database in insert procedure and select procedure otherwise you will not be able to find any error and also won’t be … Continue reading

Resolved : Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_blog_id() wordpress

Upgrading blog to wordpress 3.5 or higher and getting this error? well well well I spent almost half day behind solving this issue. I ran automatic upate and site went down nothing coming other than Fatal error: Call to undefined … Continue reading

Resolved : Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

When you update your wordpress blog automatically and then if it fails in between or stops in between you may get this error “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” while accessing your blog Caution : As … Continue reading

Android SDK installation doesn’t find JDK Windows x64

This error generally comes while installation of Android SDK on 64 bit OS. Solution : There are mainly two solutions I’ve found as working. Simply press Back and then from previous screen again Next. or restart installation it’ll find JDK … Continue reading

How to Delete a Service from Windows 7 and XP

Services in the Windows operating system are background processes that usually require no user interaction. They are automatically started with Windows, or when a certain event occurs that triggers them. Now when you plan to clean your system at that … Continue reading