[Resolved] Use WhatsApp on Nokia X Nokia X+ or Nokia XL

If you have recently buy Nokia X or XL and trying to use whatsapp. You will not able to find whatsapp on Nokia store. Plus even if you try from it’s official site. it will give you error “device not supported”.

Here is the solution after our team’s research. It is some what tricky but it’s best solution as of now.

1. Download “1 Mobile Market” from your Nokia Store.

2. Download whatsapp from 1 mobile market.

3. Change the date of of your phone and set it before 9 june 2014, as whatsapp version 2.11.186 can work properly only before that.

4. Now Install whatsapp to your Nokia X device.

5. It’ll allow you to register with your sim card. once it completed. It may give you error version is not supported on your device.

6. Set your date as current date.

7. From contacts you can send whatsapp messages to any. Also can access from recent activities.

8. You’ll get notifications for all new messages also you can chat/reply properly too.

9. Only issue you’ll face is if you go through whatsapp icon it won’t work. Everything else will work fine.

One Response to [Resolved] Use WhatsApp on Nokia X Nokia X+ or Nokia XL

  1. Mahar Ali says:

    1- Download below whatsApp version. Copy Below URL and paste in your browser to download!


    2- Install it.
    3- Complete whatsApp registration process.
    4- After Registeration completed. uninstall whatsApp.
    5- Open your browser and go to http://www.whatsapp-plus.net/download.php.
    6- After download completed. install it. (Allow Instalation from unknown sources: go to setting > Security > and click on Unknown sources)
    7- After installation completed go through the process.
    Now its DONE!

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