How to Delete a Service from Windows 7 and XP

Services in the Windows operating system are background processes that usually require no user interaction. They are automatically started with Windows, or when a certain event occurs that triggers them. Now when you plan to clean your system at that time instead of just disabling a service, you can alternatively completely delete the service. This technique can be especially helpful if you’ve installed some piece of software that doesn’t uninstall correctly, and leaves an item in the service list.

Now you can remove/delete the service by performing following steps.

  • Go to run and type services.msc and Enter
  • Select the service you want to delete.
  • Right Click on it and find it’s name from properties.
  • You should also stop the service if it’s in running state.
  • Now open command prompt by typing cmd in run. if you are user of Windows Vista or Windows 7 then right click on cmd.exe and run it as Administrator.

  • Type following syntax
    • sc delete ServiceName
  • if serviceName consist of spaces then use following syntax
  • sc delete "Service Name"

Though it’s easy steps to perform this task. I do not suggest to delete the service if you are not aware of what you are doing.

Caution: You should think long and hard before deleting a service, because it’s very difficult to get them back once they are gone.

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