Resolved : System Restore Error 0x8007007B

When you start the System Restore utility in Windows 7, You may get following error message displayed:

system Restore Error 0x8007007B

There was an unexpected error:
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
System Restore will now close.

You may read you need to reformat hard disk or reinstall OS.. don’t get panic. It’s very simple.

  • Make sure you are not creating system restore file in Backup Drive which comes inbuilt in Dell and other brand laptops. You don’t have rights to write in such drive.
  • Right click Computer and choose Properties.
  • Click on System Protection.
  • In the list of available drives look if you have a partition into two (2 times the same partition), one with the word "Missing" or "missing".
  • If so, uncheck this partition Missing and it should solve the problem.

System Restore Missing Partition

2 Responses to Resolved : System Restore Error 0x8007007B

  1. freddie says:

    Thanks – this solved the problem for me – I did see the ‘missing C’ initially but did not relate it to the problem

  2. Daniel says:

    Thanks my friend, I was looking all arround for this without luck, till you!! THANKS AGAIN

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