How to Type the Indian Rupee Symbol

The India Rupee symbol is now part of the Arial Unicode standard Font provided by Microsoft. It is working only with Word document and Excel sheet currently. You don’t need to install any other fonts.

How to Type the Indian Rupee Symbol using Arial Unicode

  • Launch Microsoft Word/Excel
  • Change the document Font to MS Arial Unicode or any other MS per-installed fonts.
  • Type 20B9 followed by Alt-X.
  • 20b9 string will be converted into a Rupee symbol.

The problem is you need to have latest MS Arial Unicode font. which is available through this update ( in Vista or Windows 7 but for Windows XP you need to copy latest font to the fonts folder.

If you add the Rupee symbol to your document and share it with another colleague who doesn’t have the latest Windows fonts, they are likely to see some junk characters in place of the Rupee sign so for that you need to create PDF file of that word document.

To use this symbol in mail, type symbol in word document and just copy-paste it to your mail contents.

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