Moving wordpress or changing server port keeps redirect to www

Today I was trying to setup my live website data in local wordpress site.. for that I have take backup of mysql database in form of scripts and copy wp folder into local wamp directory.. database was restored successfully too.. it was set all good.. it was working fine.. then I have to start IIS.. so I changed my local wamp port to 81.. and when I was trying access my wordpress site.. it was not working.. it was there in listing of http://localhost:81/ but when I try to access http://localhost:81/mywpsite it redirects me to http://localhost/mywpsite and as it’s IIS path it says directory not available.. so I have googled and got 2 solutions.. hope it helps to you..

Solution 1 :
Check your “wp_options” table
in that siteurl, home are set with http://localhost/mysite/ just change it to http://localhost:81/mysite/ or http://remotehost/mysite/ etc.. also check all path are set well by executing query

“SELECT * FROM .wp_options where option_value like ‘%localhost%'”

it will show you if there is any other parameter is set with your local wamp path.. you need to edit those records too..
now run the site it will work..

Solution 2:

Login to your wp original site.. Export the content from your remote site using Tools/Export. Install WP locally with a clean database then import your posts using Tools/Import.

Hope it’s helpful. Please comment if you get solution from this.

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