Microsoft Releases Hotmail App for Android

Anyone out there still using Hotmail? No ? That’s great..
lol.. I was just kidding.. There must be many who are still using Hotmail.
All must be glad to know that Microsoft officially launched Hotmail Apps for Android.

Key features include

  • With push email get messages on your phone without delay
  • Synced calendar and contacts
  • View your folders in Hotmail, including sub folders
  • Send pictures from your phone using Hotmail
  • Supports multiple Hotmail accounts
  • Send, receive and view attachments

App Screenshots

Hotmail App-1Hotmail App-2Hotmail App-3

It is compatible with Android 2.1 Eclair through 2.3 Gingerbread, but it is not yet available for Android 3.0 Honeycomb-based tablets. You can download the Hotmail for Android app for free from the Android Market now.

There’s push email, calendar and contact syncing, attachment support (both sending and receiving), and it’ll even support multiple Hotmail accounts should your multiple personalities stuck in the 1990s need to have their communications fix.

You can read more about app from

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